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Stafford Music School is based in the town of Stafford, in the heart of the West Midlands.

Established by Liz Forster in September 2008 and taken over by Laura Thatcher in April 2015, the school opened its doors to the first keyboard students learning on Yamaha Courses. The positive response from students, parents and schools in the local area enabled the number of students to increase to over 90 in the first four months. Since then, adding the Yamaha Guitar Encounters course, individual tuition on keyboard and piano and vocal tuition has seen the school continue to grow with over 220 students now taking lessons with us each week.

Our Facilities

As a Yamaha Music Point, we have dedicated teaching studios for the Yamaha courses which hold a maximum of 8 students at a time. Each student is provided with their own Yamaha instrument (keyboard or guitar) that they will use in the studios throughout the courses.

We also have a private teaching room specifically for one-to-one lessons on keyboard or piano and also vocal tuition, which can be used by both adults and children.

Our premises are protected by a door entry system which provides a safe and secure place for both adults and children to learn. There are also toilet facilities available in the music school for our customers to use.

Yamaha Music Courses

There are lessons to suit people of all age groups and any ability. We have a comprehensive range of courses covering a wide variety of musical disciplines, and in keeping with Yamaha tradition, we specialise in making learning fun! All of the Yamaha course sessions are 1 hour in duration.

Below you will find details of each of the group-based Yamaha courses offered for both keyboard and guitar, as well as some information about vocals and one-to-one tuition:

Guitar Encounters - age 8-Adult

Guitar Encounters is a rock and pop based guitar course for children aged 8 up to adults.

A range of styles and techniques are covered, along with arranging, improvising and reading both traditional music and TAB.

Students have the opportunity to perform live at our annual concert and experience playing in a band situation. 

The Guitar Encounters course also includes materials for exams with Rock School.

Junior Play For Keeps - age 6-7

JPFK is a keyboard course open to beginners aged between 6 and 7 and is designed to take the student to an intermediate level.

In this course we believe that a fun approach to learning music is important. We achieve this through listening, singing and reading activities.

Course material consists of a series of themed text books designed to appeal to children of this age. Using these, the student gains a thorough understanding of music and keyboard fundamentals.

Having completed the course they will be able to operate a keyboard with confidence and with a good technique.

Play For Keeps - age 8-Adult

The PFK course is a keyboard course open to anyone aged 8 or over, and is a great way to learn to play the keyboard in a fun and creative environment.

Students develop both solo and band-playing disciplines, and creative development is encouraged as the student will learn to arrange music in their own style.

We teach both keyboard-style and piano-style solo techniques, and music notation, theory and aural skills are all taught in conjunction with the practical skills.

PFK contains material covering Trinity College grades 1-8. These grades adhere to the National Qualifications Framework, meaning that some of the graded musical examinations can count as additional GCSEs or AS level qualifications in Music.

Vocal Tuition

Singing has many benefits and the voice is an instrument we all have access to!  

Vocal tuition is available to all levels of ability in classes or we have limited spaces available on a one to one basis. Whether you have never sang in public before or want to develop your skills and confidence, we can tailor the lessons to suit your needs. 

The emphasis is on having fun learning your favourite songs, whilst improving your technique and confidence!

One-to-One tuition

There are limited places available on a one-to-one basis, for keyboard, piano, guitar, bass & vocals. These lessons are private 30-minute sessions for students wishing to follow a particular examination board grade system, or students who just want to learn for fun!

After an initial consultation with the teacher, the lessons can be tailored to each student's specific needs.

Please contact us for further information on one-to-one tuition.


Fees and prices

Lessons are taught across 43 weeks of the year which are scheduled to fit into the standard academic calendar, having breaks for Christmas, Easter and Summer. We teach through half terms. 

All Yamaha group-based sessions on keyboard and guitar are 1 hour per week, and are charged at £13.00 per hour.

One-to-one keyboard, piano and guitar lessons are charged at £14.50 per 30-minute session.

Vocal lessons are charged at £8.50 per one hour group lesson and £15.75 per 30-minute session on a one-to-one basis. 

Payments made monthly in advance by Standing Order are charged at a discounted rate of £49 for Yamaha group sessions and £55 for one to one lessons. Vocal lessons are £32 per month for group and £60 per month for one to one sessions. We also offer a discount for immediate family members attending lessons with us. 

Yamaha course books start from just £20 each (including accompanying CDs) and it will take the student approximately 1 year to complete each book.




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Located in the heart of Stafford Town centre, we are positioned with council run parking facilities just round the corner at Tenterbanks. Just 5 minutes walk from the town.