Yamaha/Trinity Exams - 6th & 7th November 2016

Hopefully all of our students are fitting in lots of extra practice time in preparation for the forthcoming exams.

Don't forget to practice all elements of the test across the week- Scales, Broken Chords, Arpeggios, Joggings, Percussion, Improvisation, Chord Playing, Sight Reading, Aural Awareness, Music Knowledge and those all important three songs with hands together! If you need any new ways to practice or help with how to practice, please speak to your teacher - we can help! 

You can find exam timetables below, so you can check the time of your exam and make arrangements to be there. Most of our Grade 6 students and a few students taking Grade 2 and 4 will take their exams on the Monday, so please check your date and time carefully.  Please arrive 15 minutes early and don't forget your book! 


Sunday 6th November Exam Timetable

Monday 7th November Exam Timetable