Important Concert Information!


We have less than two weeks to go before our Summer Concerts on Sunday 26th June at Stafford Gatehouse Theatre. 

There are two performances at 2pm & 4.30pm. PLEASE ENSURE you have the CORRECT TICKETS as there are very few students performing in both shows. 

All performers will be seated in the theatre in a designated section and will not need to purchase a ticket.

Performers under the age of 7 will be seated with parents throughout the concert and will need a ‘performers free ticket’. 

Chaperones will escort students from the audience to the backstage area in preparation for their performance. 

On the day of the concerts, there will be short rehearsals/sound checks between 10.15am – 1.30pm at the Gatehouse Theatre. A timetable is attached and students should arrive 15 minutes BEFORE their allocated rehearsal time. Students should report to our reception staff at the bottom of the stairs after entering the main doors of the Gatehouse. Here they will be registered and then escorted backstage. 

The doors will open 25 minutes prior to the start of each show. Performers will again need to report to our reception staff at the bottom of the stairs and be registered before chaperones escort them to seats in the theatre.

We expect each show to last no longer than 1hour 30minutes. 

Please check our Facebook page (search for Stafford Music School) and Twitter (@musicstafford), as well as our website for updates and information. 

If you have any queries at all, please let us know.

Many Thanks,

Laura Thatcher


Stafford Music School