Gatehouse Theatre Seating Plan

Our Annual Concerts will take place on Sunday 10th March at Stafford Gatehouse Theatre.

Tickets can only be purchased direct from the box office at the Gatehouse or via their website.

Please follow the link below to see where we think would be best to sit when buying your tickets.

Seating Plan

Please be aware that we use two levels of Risers on stage so the view would not be best when seating too close to the stage.

Performers aged 7 and under will be seated with parents in the area marked on the plan. When purchasing these tickets, please ask Gatehouse staff for a ‘performers free ticket’, to ensure the children are seated in the correct place for us to collect them for their performance. After purchasing your tickets, please advise us which seat numbers you will be seated in. You will need to speak the Gatehouse staff directly on the telephone or in person to order these tickets and will be unable to purchase them online.

Most of the students will only perform in one show. Please ask your teacher or contact us to check which show you or your child will perform in. The time may be different to the one performed in last year.

We hope you are looking forward to the concerts. Rehearsal timetables for the 10th March will be available from Monday 11th February.

If you have any questions at all, please give us a call!